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Good without God

How can I be good without God? It really tries my patience sometimes…

I was just out at lunch with some coworkers and the conversation steered over toward religion after meandering through politics. And then it happened… “The world would be in a very different place if not for the morals of religion”

I couldn’t help myself. “Yeah… the dark ages were awesome!” And then it proceeded into explaining that that wasn’t religion, but what Christianity has now is real religion and proper morals. But not the parts of the Bible where you don’t like what it says. And so on. It’s just baffling to me. I don’t think I could live with the cognitive dissonance that comes with saying “I believe in the Bible” and ignoring massive parts of it at the exact same time.

On top of that, thinking that the Bible is the only source of morality. As a friend I was discussing this with said, “I don’t live under the assumption that a quick mental prayer can wipe away my deeds.” I am responsible to myself and others. I cannot just absolve myself of any bad choices by thinking to myself, or even going to a priest to confess my “sins”. I live with them, I try to fix them, and I try to do better in the future. Where is the motivation for that when you believe in an infinitely forgiving God?

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  1. rgz Says:

    That’s basically it. An infinite capacity for cognitive dissonance => religious people.

    I cannot help but think they are just wired differently.

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