Looking glass

Writing a story around a punny word…

Deeper into the bowels of the mad scientist’s lair they crept, various eerie glows emanating from otherwise darkened rooms, small shadows of rats in various stages of mutation skittered about in the halls and forgotten corners.
“Be quiet!” hissed Darren
“I’m trying!  I can’t see anything is this gloom!” whispered back Fenton.
Darren issued an exasperated sigh… Fenton was one of those science geeks who was really helpful to have around when trying to figure out how to turn off one of the mad doctor’s creations, but he couldn’t take two steps without tripping over himself.
“Awww crap” said Fenton
“I told you to be quiet!”
“Now isn’t the time… those bloblike shadows on the wall ahead? They’re phlegm bots” replied Fenton.
“Fembots? Sounds like my kinda party”
“No you idiot… PHLEGM bots. You know, like mucous? The stuff in your nose, and apparently your head as well?”
The shadows loomed larger on the wall, and Fenton tugged on Darren’s jacket to get him moving back the way they came.
“Who the hell makes a phlegm bot? That’s seriously messed up.” asked Darren, as they were jogging back to the exit
“Is it the “Mad” in “Mad Scientist” that’s confusing you, Darren?  It doesn’t mean just angry…” huffed Fenton, trying to keep up.

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